Joliet Fallen Heroes Golf Sponsorship (After)


Santanna Energy Services sponsored and attended the 2019 Battle of the Brave Golf Competition for Joliet Fallen Heroes on Monday, September 16th!



100 Club of Will County gets $10,000 check – Fred Hayes Elwood Police Chief accepts check from Monica Mainland Exxon Refinery Manager

This event was held at the Inwood Golf Course in Joliet by the 100 Club of Will County. The Joliet Police Department and Joliet Fire Department competed to benefit families who have lost someone in the line of duty. This golf outing raised over $11,300!


Santanna Energy sponsored hole #5 and #14 offering our support, ice cold water and swag to give out to the first responders and other participants throughout the event. We sponsored this event because we support this cause and our brave heroes. We want to thank our first responders, any way we can, for always going above and beyond to keep our communities safe. We truly care our community.

It was a beautiful day for the city of Joliet and others from all over to come together for this great cause. Everyone came with smiling faces to honor loved ones who had fallen, raise money and bond with the Joliet First Responders.

Since 1967, The 100 Club of Will County has supported families of firefighters, law enforcement, and emergency responders who’s loved one dedicated themselves by duty and service to our community and made the ultimate sacrifice. Since then, the 100 Club has paid out nearly $500,000. While money can never replace the loss of a loved one, the 100 Club wants to ease the financial burden associated with the tragic event.







Santanna Energy supports our First Responders, Police Department, Fire Departments and more to keep our communities safe and under control. Santanna incorporated in May 1988, with a mission to create life-long relationships by providing quality service to customers, communities and employees. We want to show our support back to our heroes – active duty, veterans, or fallen – for all that they do for our family. It takes a true hero to make the ultimate sacrifice to put his or her life on the line for others. This event truly felt like the city of Joliet was one big family.


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